Monday, March 12, 2012

Time for relfection

I have managed to accumulate over 20 hours of flight training since early January. I have my stage 2 stage check on Sunday. After that, I will be on the last leg of my flight training. With transferring my hours from Ireland, I have met the total flight hour requirements already, but I still need to close out on some FAA requirements;
  1. Night flight hours.
  2. Solo cross country hours.
  3. Written test.
  4. Oral and flight test
Flying over the last 9 weeks has made me a better pilot. I have now flown 4.2 hours PiC over 6 solo flights. Flying in the US has made me realise how disjointed my flight training in Ireland was. Not the fault of the flying school, but rather the fact that I stopped my flight training every few hours. I wasn't able to get any traction on regular hours.

I have been nothing but impressed with Chandler Air Service at KCHD. My instructor has been great and the aircraft have always been available.

The final part of my training is going to be amazing. I have some night flights coming up shortly followed by several hours cross country. I can't express how excited I am about starting the cross country part of the training.

It's now time to hit the books and work towards that written test in early April. I am targeting a mid to April end completion date.


  1. That is so exciting! Or rather I am excited for you!!! For me I'm a bit nervous. I feel I still have a lot of work left to do but am hoping to finish around the same time as you. I can't wait until we both have our PPLs in hand!

  2. Yes it's going to be great when we are done! No more trying to impress our instructor!!