Friday, March 30, 2012

1st Cross Country

This week I had an early start for a cross country flight from KCHD to KTUS and back (Tucson International Airport).

Planning for this flight started the night before. I pulled out the sectional and determined some headings and distances. I arrived at the airport at 07:30L and started to pull the weather data. I then finished off the nav sheet. We then filed our VFR flight plan with 1-800-WX-BRIEF. Wow, what a service!

By 08:45L I was in the aircraft ready to start the flight. 

The plan was to fly CHD -> TUS -> RYN -> CHD. For the first leg to TUS we flew using dead reckoning. Had issues with radio on the way down, so we didn't bother filing for flight following. 

My first flight into an International Airport was just amazing (okay, I have flown once into EGNT which is international). KTUS is a hive of GA, Civil and Military traffic. 

After departing KTUS, we flew to RYN (8 miles west of TUS) and then onto KCHD. We filed VFR flight following with TUS DEP. Received this service all the way back to KCHD. Signed off with PHX APP once we had KCHD in sight.

Many lessons learnt during the flight. Work load was high especially on the radio. For my next flight, I know how to manage my kneeboard, charts etc more efficiently. I will also be more confident talking on the busy frequencies.

Selection of audio from the flight

Selection of photos from the flight

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