Friday, August 31, 2012

Stella Airpark (P19)

In 1999, I visited Phoenix for the first time on a business trip. Never imagined I would one be a Private Pilot flying with friends into the airstrip. Last weekend I achieved one of my aviation goals. I said to myself back in 1999 that one day, I would fly into Stella.

Short Final P19 in N54288 C172P

Click link - GoPro YouTube video

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stat Update

This weekend I added up my hours and landings;

Landings - 187 day (10 night)
Total PiC = 35hrs
Total Time (JAA/FAA) = 125hrs

Pinal Airpark Video

Enjoy the video. More coming soon.

Click link - GoPro YouTube video

The Fun Continues......................................

I arrived in Arizona back in November 2011. On my second weekend, I drove down to Tucson and on the way I could see a Aircraft Bone yard in the distance.  During my dual, night and first solo cross country I had the chance to fly over the Bone yard. After that, I added it to my wish list for places to visit with my new license.

After spending a couple of weeks flying around Phoenix, I decided it was time for a change, On Sunday I went flying with a work colleague. It was his third flight with me. At this stage, he's starting to get comfortable   sitting the in right seat. We departed Chandler and headed South towards Pinal Airpark (KMZJ).

A quick search on Google, one kind find some interesting stories about Pinal Airpark. I have heard stories about people being denied landing clearance despite there being no official Control Tower. I was also warned to watch out for ground traffic.

I called the Unicom frequency 10nm north and stated my intentions "Pinal Airpark CESSNA FIVE FOUR TWO EIGHT EIGHT ten miles north for a full stop taxi back". No response. Looked like we would be allowed to land.I called again at 3nm and on short final. 

We landed and took our time taxing back to the active. Was an opportunity to capture some photos.

Departed runway 17 and headed back to Chandler. On the way back, stopped off at Stella Airpark. But that's another story...................

Short Final KMZJ Runway 17


Qantas 747-400

China Southern 

Evergreen 747

Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Flight With My Wife

Enjoy the video. More coming soon.

Click link - GoPro YouTube video

Friday, August 24, 2012

Luke AFB Fly In

In 1999, I visited Phoenix for a three week business trip. Pre 9/11 days, one was able to get fairly close to Air Force Bases. On that trip, I sat about 1/4 mile from the runway threshold watching F16's land on 03L/R. I had never even set foot in a GA aircraft at that point. Thirteen years later armed with my Private Pilot License, I have been accepted to participate in the first Luke AFB Fly-In for over ten years.

A fellow Private Pilot and I will be flying into Luke AFB on 18th October. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this!

We get to spend the first day talking about F16 operations in and around the AFB. On the second day, there is a day trip to the Barry M Goldwater Range where the F16's and Tucson A10's drop there live ordinance.

1 Year Later.................

1 year after restarting my flight training in Ireland, I took my wife on her first flight with me as a Private Pilot.

We flew from CHD to DVT. Quite an eventful flight. Radio issues and an aircraft passing 200' below me.

Video and audio to follow soon.

Archer passing 200' below me

Passing over KPHX 4500'

Monday, August 13, 2012

San Francisco Bay Tour KRHV --> KSTS - Part 2

On the 15th July, I had one of the best experiences ever in a light aircraft. Flying through the class bravo airspace in Phoenix has always been fun and within my comfort zone. On this day, I flew through the class bravo over the top of San Francisco International Airport. Talk about busy radio chatter!!

As you will see from the video, there was a marine layer over the bay area and this was hindering me descending under the bravo towards Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. NORCAL Departure was trying to co-ordinate SFO departures off 28R and 01L/R at the same time I was requesting transition through their airspace. The Controller wasn't giving me too many options. At one point a regional jet off 01L/SFO was held below me.

I had an awesome Pilot with me in the right hand seat who was able to guide me through the entire flight. Thanks Marc!

Enjoy the video. It's going to be hard to top this!

Click link - GoPro YouTube video

Flying in N925ME after passing KSFO at 4500'

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jumpers Away......................

This weekend I flew to Eloy (E60) for the first time. I had previously flown over this airport on my solo and dual cross counties.

I was aware of parachute activity, but I arrived there Saturday morning to find a Twin Otter and several Parachutists in the circuit!

I decided to allow the parachutists time to land. I extended my downwind, but then heard a call that the Twin Otter was high base for runway 20. This happened as I was turning long final! Fortunately the Otter, joined a couple of miles behind me. I vacated the runway, just has he touched down.

This weekend I passed 30hrs PiC time.

Twin Otter @ E60

Short Final Runway 20 E60

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another GoPro video

I've uploaded another GoPro video. I took a couple of flights around Phoenix in July. It's a short video of my transition through the Bravo airspace followed by a poor landings at Scottsdale. Enjoy!

Click link - GoPro YouTube video