Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Fun Continues......................................

I arrived in Arizona back in November 2011. On my second weekend, I drove down to Tucson and on the way I could see a Aircraft Bone yard in the distance.  During my dual, night and first solo cross country I had the chance to fly over the Bone yard. After that, I added it to my wish list for places to visit with my new license.

After spending a couple of weeks flying around Phoenix, I decided it was time for a change, On Sunday I went flying with a work colleague. It was his third flight with me. At this stage, he's starting to get comfortable   sitting the in right seat. We departed Chandler and headed South towards Pinal Airpark (KMZJ).

A quick search on Google, one kind find some interesting stories about Pinal Airpark. I have heard stories about people being denied landing clearance despite there being no official Control Tower. I was also warned to watch out for ground traffic.

I called the Unicom frequency 10nm north and stated my intentions "Pinal Airpark CESSNA FIVE FOUR TWO EIGHT EIGHT ten miles north for a full stop taxi back". No response. Looked like we would be allowed to land.I called again at 3nm and on short final. 

We landed and took our time taxing back to the active. Was an opportunity to capture some photos.

Departed runway 17 and headed back to Chandler. On the way back, stopped off at Stella Airpark. But that's another story...................

Short Final KMZJ Runway 17


Qantas 747-400

China Southern 

Evergreen 747

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