Thursday, December 12, 2013

$100 Hamburger - Class Bravo Airport

Nowadays it is difficult to fly that $100 hamburger flight due to the rising cost of rental aircraft/fuel. However on 13th December 2012 I had my first "official" $100 hamburger as a Private Pilot.

I've had many aviation highlights since moving to the US in November 2011. In Europe it can be a challenge flying into a large airport and parking for free! You would think landing a C172 at an Air Force Base (without the F-16 escort) and spending two days with the F-16 pilots would be enough satisfaction in one lifetime. But on the 13th December 2012, ATC gave me clearance to land on 07R at Phoenix Sky Harbor (KPHX) airport in Arizona. 24 months prior to that, learning to fly was still a dream. Never thought I would be doing this in a million years.

Planned Route CHD -> PHX
As most of you know, ATC is my passion. I'd practiced the possible radio calls a million times whilst driving the car to and from work. I had already flown halve a dozen or so class bravo transitions but this was to be my first flight landing. I didn't want to mess this one up. After picking up the ATIS, I was so nervous making that first call to PHX APP. I was prepared for them to say "you want to land a Cessna here?" followed by "frequency change approved, good day!" And this would be followed by my FBO telling me they had a call from PHX Tracon! Thankfully that never happened and PHX Tracon/Twr provided an excellent service. 

Gotta love Cutter Aviation. Leading FBO servicing major airports across southwestern United States. They hold a monthly cook off in the autumn and winter months in order to promote the services at the FBO. Parking fee waived for the day and some great food providing A simple call ahead a few days before is requested to ensure your parking spot on the ramp.

Welcome N54288
For my first visit, flight time was less than 20 minutes. Total distance flown was less than 25nm. In the end, I was very happy with my RT comms. I did mess up the clearance delivery on the way back out of PHX but I was able to fix that on later flights.

SKYHAWK 288 Ramp Photo KPHX
Loggged 0.9hrs there and back. That equated to $90 + tax = approx. $96. This became my first $100 hamburger flight plus I had change!

Ended up flying into KPHX five times between December 2012 and May 2013. Each time was amazing. So glad I was able to experience it in the US. The experience is definitely in ten life experiences. 

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