Sunday, December 8, 2013

Back in the saddle

Flew for the first time in a month. Added my 37th airport. Flew north from 7S3 to KCLS (Chehalis-Centralia). Planned to go further north but the wind was 350/20kts at around 4000'. This resulted in only 90kts ground speed in the cruise. Flight following with PDX DEP and SEA CTR on the way. 

On the return leg there was a SCT050 layer. With freezing temperatures I avoided the cloud. Flew back at 3500' MSL. This was too low to pick up flight following with SEA CTR. Once clear of the cloud, we climbed back up to 5500 for the remainder of the journey.

Logged 2.1hrs. Fun flight.

KCLS - Chehalis-Centralia
Inbound UBG VOR Climbing to 5500'

View from KU

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