Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Year

2013 will be my last full year in the US as I am returning back to Europe in July 2014. It's time to look back at what I've written in the logbook in 2013.

PiC Time Logged - 56.3hrs
Airports Visited - 29
Aircraft Flown - C172
States Flown In - AZ, OR, TX & WA

There are lots of highlights for the year but my top five are;
1. Passed through 100hrs PiC,
2. Landed at my first airport >7000' MSL,
3. Class B flying including landing at KPHX (5th visit) in May,
4. Only flying with a empty right seat once,
5. Flying with my Dad for the first time.

1. Not camping at #OSH13,

I do have a couple of other regrets, but I can fix them in early 2014 so I am not going to write them down.

Happy New Year. Blue skies and tailwinds for 2014!

Flying With My Dad

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