Monday, January 6, 2014

First Flight 2014

Planned to fly this morning over to Aurora State to practice some pattern work. Then heard a pilot friend was in town. The cloud lifted and we set off for a tour of the pacific north west coastline.

Logged 2.2. Fun flight with Flight Following from PDX DEP and SEA CTR. We flew WNW at 6500'. Then stayed north of the airport as a King Air shot ILS approaches into runway 26. After a full stop at KAST, we headed south along the coast line. We picked up a slight headwind of 35kts. Ground Speed dropping to 65kts at one stage!

Then got confused with my runway numbers at KTMK. Landed on the correct runway but I was calling it 01 instead of 31! Whoops! There was no one around to see!!

Enjoyed dusting the cobwebs off for the first flight of 2014. Weather allowing I will be flying with my wife on Thursday. 2014 is going to be a great year!

SKYHAWK 40H and a Beaver!

Overhead KAST on the Pacific Coast

3500' VFR Along PNW Coast


  1. Great to see you've opened the account for 2014 (both in altitude and blogging!)
    Look forward to the next installment!

  2. Thanks Evan! Big plans for this year. Just need the wx to improve.