Sunday, February 26, 2012

getmyppl audiocast #003 / Solo Practice Part 2

Link to MP3 File - getmypplcast #003

Here is the audio for my first solo power on stall. I was basically out of balance during the stall, therefore the left wing dropped and although I knew how to recover, it still shook me up.

For the remainder of the cast, I play the audio for the return to the airport, a touch and go and my full stop landing. The circuit was busy, so there are no gaps in the audio. Can you spot that I didn't do any pre landing checks for my touch and go? 

The Flight - 16th February 2012 / C172P N54288 / CHD / Solo Flight

Flight Details - Part 2 of a 0.8 hour PiC flight. Audio covers the power on stall and return to the airport. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

getmyppl audiocast #002 / Solo Practice Part 1

Link to MP3 File - getmypplcast #002

Today's flight was my first full solo flight. On previous solo flights, I had performed a couple of touch and goes with the instructor before getting released. Today, the instructor had a day off. I am sure he sat at home worrying about me all day!

I'm splitting the audio into two parts. Today I will share the power up checks, slow flight and steep turns manoeuvres. Part 2 will follow next week which will summarise the power off/on stalls (eventful!) followed by the return home/touch and go. 

The Flight - 16th February 2012 / C172P N54288 / CHD / Solo Flight

Flight Details - Part 1 of a 0.8 hour PiC flight. Audio covers the power up checks, slow flight and steep turns. All took place on a very busy Unicom frequency in the Southern training area south of Chandler.

Solo 3

DATE: 16th February 2012
AIRCRAFT: C172P N54288  
ROUTE: CHD -> {Southern Training Area} -> CHD
DURATION: 0.8 hour PiC
TOTAL TIME: 12.6 hours (+ 45.5 JAA)

Lesson Summary - Solo flight. Departed 22R, south departure. Practised slow flight, steep turns and power off/on stalls.

Key Learnings - Great solo experience again. Gaining confidence in the air on my own. 2 good landings. Did not enjoy the power on stall. The left wing dropped more than I was hoping. 

Next Lesson - 22nd February.

Monitoring the Wx

Big flight coming up this evening. Will be my first full solo flight away from the airport. I have to practice slow flights, steep turns and stalls.

I have been monitoring the Wx all day. Looks like my flight will be a GO this evening despite the appearance that the cloud cover is increasing.

METAR - KCHD 161747Z 00000KT 40SM SCT120 SCT200 12/02 A3001=


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

getmyppl audiocast #001

Link to MP3 File - getmyppl audiocast #001

As you know, I have had issues making my podcast and uploading it to iTunes. I was also not happy with the recorded quality of the non cockpit audio. I have therefore decided to release the cockpit audio on its own. Each audiocast will have accompanying comments written in the blog to support the audio material. Hopefully over the coming weeks I can resolve the iTunes issue and improve my voice over comments.

Note: I do talk a lot during my flying. The cockpit audio is real and not doctored for this cast.

The Flight - 6th February 2012 / C172P N54288 / CHD / First FAA Solo

Flight Details - My first solo two touch and goes followed by my first full stop landing. Cockpit audio for the second touch and go has been excluded. 22R at CHD. The flight took place two days after my stage one checkride. Prior to the solo, I had flown three decent touch and goes with my instructor. The winds were light and very little traffic in the circuit. We were both happy for me to go solo.

Supporting Material - CHD Airport Details

A big thank you to Ken Dravis for allowing me to use his music as part of my intro and ending. You can download his aviation themed music via iTunes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best part yet?

I am now approaching 12 hours flying in the US. Currently working on stage 2 of my flight training. 

So far, my favourite parts have been:

1. Hood work and unusual attitude recovery.
2. First solo away from the airport.
3. All landings :)

I am dreaming of that IFR ticket before I return to Europe in 2013. Recovering from unusual attiude recovery with the hood has to be the most fun I have had in an aircraft. I have read for many years about spatial diorientation. Now I can appreciate the comment "trust your instruments". I have recovered four times from unusual attitude and each time I had no idea what attitude I was flying in until I looked at the instruments.

No Podcast

Looks like I can't get this iTunes issue resolved for a while. Apple are trying to help, but the iTunes software is not robust enough to cope with different laptop settings (Firewalls, LAN connections etc).

Instead of making a podcast, I will blog about my flights and then put a direct link to the MP3 audio file in the blog entry.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lesson 11

DATE: 13th February 2012
AIRCRAFT: C172P N54288  
ROUTE: CHD -> {Southern Training Area} -> CHD
DURATION: 1.1 hour
TOTAL TIME: 11.7 hours (+ 45.5 JAA)

Lesson Summary - Departed 22R for the south training area. Practised slow flight, stalls and steep turns. Hood work and unusal attitude recovery under the hood.  Two touch and goes on 22L and 22R with x-winds.

Key Learnings - Good flight today. Finally grasped the technique of "catching" the stall. Approaches and landings were good. Good focus on maintaining the centre line with the rudder whilst using aileron into the wind. During the unusual attitude recovery, need to first focus on the airspeed indicator. Increase or decrease will determine the probable attitude. Also learn how to remember the control direction on the tarmac for windy days "climb into, dive away".

Next Lesson - Planned for the 16th February 2012. Will be a full solo flight with the plan to practise stalls, steep turns and slow flight.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

iTunes Issues

I have pulled episode 1 of my podcast until I resolve an issue with iTunes. Hope to have it resolved over the coming days.

In the mean time, I will re-post the audio in a separate blog entry.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Solo 2 - away from the airport

Today was my first solo flight away from CHD. Performed two touch and goes with my instructor before being released to the training area. What an amazing experience. 

I climbed to 3500' and performed some gentle turns. Wind picked up, so I headed back for a full stop landing. My instructor had requested two touch and goes, but I made the decision for a full stop landing rather than circuits (went from calm to 10kts at 60degrees off the nose).

DATE: 8th February 2012

AIRCRAFT: C172P N54288
ROUTE: CHD Circuits --> Solo Southern Training Area
DURATION: 0.5 DUAL / 0.6 hour Solo PiC
TOTAL TIME: 10.7 DUAL / 1.0 hour Solo PiC (+ 45.5 JAA)

Lesson Summary - Circuits followed by first solo away from the pattern.

Key Learnings - Again, again.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Solo 1 - first FAA solo

After passing the stage 1 check ride last week, I was expecting to  solo at some stage this week. However, I wasn't expecting it to happen today. 

I performed four Touch and Goes with my instructor. The flight was perfect. Zero wind. Zero traffic. Then he told me I was ready. 

Within a month of commencing my FAA training, I flew two Touch and Goes followed by a full stop. I will save the details for my up and coming podcast.

DATE: 6th February 2012
AIRCRAFT: C172P N54288
ROUTE: CHD Circuits
DURATION: 0.7 DUAL / 0.4 hour Solo PiC
TOTAL TIME: 10.2 DUAL / 0.4 hour Solo PiC (+ 45.5 JAA)

Lesson Summary - First solo flight in the US.

Key Learnings - I can fly!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lesson 10 - Stage 1 Check

DATE: 1st February 2012
ROUTE: CHD -> {Southern Training Area} -> CHD
DURATION: 0.9 hour
TOTAL TIME: 9.5 hours (+ 45.5 JAA)

Lesson Summary - Departed 22R. Stage 1 check ride. Slow flight, stalls, steep turns and simulated engine out.

Key Learnings - Had my first experience of leaning the mixture. Taught the method of 100F rich of peak EGT. Couple of issues with my stall recovery which I need to work on. Other than that, it was a successful stage check.

Cockpit audio sample #1 -

Cockpit audio sample #2 -