Wednesday, February 15, 2012

getmyppl audiocast #001

Link to MP3 File - getmyppl audiocast #001

As you know, I have had issues making my podcast and uploading it to iTunes. I was also not happy with the recorded quality of the non cockpit audio. I have therefore decided to release the cockpit audio on its own. Each audiocast will have accompanying comments written in the blog to support the audio material. Hopefully over the coming weeks I can resolve the iTunes issue and improve my voice over comments.

Note: I do talk a lot during my flying. The cockpit audio is real and not doctored for this cast.

The Flight - 6th February 2012 / C172P N54288 / CHD / First FAA Solo

Flight Details - My first solo two touch and goes followed by my first full stop landing. Cockpit audio for the second touch and go has been excluded. 22R at CHD. The flight took place two days after my stage one checkride. Prior to the solo, I had flown three decent touch and goes with my instructor. The winds were light and very little traffic in the circuit. We were both happy for me to go solo.

Supporting Material - CHD Airport Details

A big thank you to Ken Dravis for allowing me to use his music as part of my intro and ending. You can download his aviation themed music via iTunes.

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