Sunday, February 26, 2012

getmyppl audiocast #003 / Solo Practice Part 2

Link to MP3 File - getmypplcast #003

Here is the audio for my first solo power on stall. I was basically out of balance during the stall, therefore the left wing dropped and although I knew how to recover, it still shook me up.

For the remainder of the cast, I play the audio for the return to the airport, a touch and go and my full stop landing. The circuit was busy, so there are no gaps in the audio. Can you spot that I didn't do any pre landing checks for my touch and go? 

The Flight - 16th February 2012 / C172P N54288 / CHD / Solo Flight

Flight Details - Part 2 of a 0.8 hour PiC flight. Audio covers the power on stall and return to the airport. 

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