Friday, April 26, 2013

Last Flight KTUS

Flew into KTUS for probably the last time in 2013. If you have been following my blog over 12 months, then you will know how much fun I have had flying into the airport. Flying into KPHX was rewarding in terms of work load on the radio etc, however, flying into the class charlie KTUS airport has to be up there with the best. How many other airports can you be sharing a pattern with another C172 whilst an F-16 departs on the parallel runway with an American Airlines MD-80 on a 5 mile final to the same runway?

I'm going to miss you Tucson Airport!

F-16's KTUS

MD-80 11L KTUS

My First Crew Car!!

Serious Biz Jets @Atlantic FBO

Departing 11L KTUS (11'000' runway!)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boeing Factory

Two years ago, I never thought I would be visiting the Boeing Factory in Seattle. Moving to the US has brought so many aviation opportunities for me. I started working up in Portland, Oregon three weeks ago. Found myself with a couple of days off whilst waiting for work stuff to happen. Decided to visit the Boeing Factory at Paine Field which lies just north of Seattle.

To be honest, I was under the impression that the tour would last fifteen to twenty minutes with minimal views of the factory floor. I was blown away by the ninety minute tour!

First part of the visit was to the 747-8 assembly building. Stood very close to a Lufthansa 747. Amazing to see the 747 still in product albeit in -8 version. I'm yet to see one fly though.

Then the tour moved to the 777 building where several 777's were being built. The 777 assembly moves a few inches an hour!

Finally the tour finished up at the 787 assembly line where I was welcomed by a ANA 787 and the second and third British Airways 787's. 
On the way back to the tour start location, I passed very closed to the first BA 787 which was waiting for it's paint job!

Got talking to a fellow British guy up there. Turns out it was @Planeinsight on Twitter! Ended up spending a couple of hours with him touring the perimeter of Paine Field! Ended up standing about 500' from the runway where we watched one of the Dreamlifter's depart! First time seeing one of the them!!

I will be sure to visit Seattle again in the very near future to see one of the BA 787's flying for the first time.

BTW, the tour is $18. Great value for money. Only negative part is that no cameras allowed during the tour.

The First British Airways 787!!

Dreamlifter departing KPAE

JAL 787

Dreamlifter arriving at KPAE

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back flying soon.............

With commuting between PHX/PDX with my day job and being sick last weekend, I have not flown for 3 weeks. 

I plan to fix that next week with brunch at KTUS. Expect a new GoPro video soon.............

F-16 and MD-80 KTUS 2012

Saturday, April 13, 2013


After a 17 month break I am back commuting for work. Very much enjoyed my short flights between PHX and PDX over the last few days. Will be doing this for another 5-6 weeks before finally settling down in Portland, Oregon.

F-15 at KPDX

Grand Canyon from FL390

KDVT from 10,000'

Flying in Oregon

Visited two FBO's in Oregon last week whilst up there on business.  I visited Hillsboro Aviation based out of KHIO and Twin Oaks Airpak (7S3).

Visited two FBO's in Oregon last week whilst up there on business.  I visited Hillsboro Aviation based out of KHIO and Twin Oaks Airpak (7S3).

The KHIO FBO requires 1.5hrs ground followed by 1.5hrs in the air. This would cost me nearer $400 to get checked out. Twin Oaks Airpark requires about an hour in the air which will be halve the price.

7S3 lies South West of the PDX charlie airspace. Very nice little airpark with a 2500' runway. I am going to get checked out in one of the C172's over the next couple of weeks.

Twin Oaks Airpark (7S3)

C172 departing downhill 20

Lovely Surroundings


My Crazy Wife!

My wife had her turn at enjoying aviation in Arizona this weekend. She did her first tandem parachute jump. She jumped with Tom from 13,500'.

Highly recommend Skydive Arizona who are based at Eloy (E60). A very professional outfit.

Twin Otter



Tuesday, April 2, 2013

YouTube Channel

Be sure to check out my YT channel if you haven't done already.

Passing 80hrs PiC

Getting closer to by first aviation goal of reaching 100hrs PiC. Today, I added airport number 27 to my "been to" list. Flight was approx 70nm. VFR flight following with PHX APP (123.7) and ABQ CEN (125.4).

Coolidge P08

Final 11 E77

Ramp E77

Big Hole near E77!!