Tuesday, September 24, 2013

100hr PiC Video **Preview**

Started working on my 100hr PiC video where I will show the highlights of my journey. In the mean time, enjoy this short preview.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Great GA Video

This has to be one of the best GA aviation videos out there. It encompasses everything that flying is all about in my opinion.

AVIATE from Bryan Kopp on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wx Challenges

MOD ICE, MOD TURB and MTN OBSCN all good reasons not to venture too far today!

Planned a 3 hour flight this morning but again I had to be vary of the weather. Managed to take my Dad flying again but we only logged 0.6 hours on a short trip over to Aurora State. 

Today's Route
In total, I flew twice with my Dad on his trip to the US. We never made it to Boeing Field, but we still had a great time. Think he's proud of me!

Dad and I

Skyvector Colors!
I have identified a couple of new airports I want to visit over the next couple of weeks. Just need the weather to hold.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


An OVC morning prevented my flight to Seattle. Cloud cleared late morning and I did manage a short flight over to Salem and Aurora State.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

BFI Postponed

Postponed my trip to BFI tomorrow. Wx looks better in and around Portland. Planning on two flights tomorrow morning. Taking someone flying for the first time after I take my Dad to SLE and AOU.

PDX - FM121700 32004KT P6SM SKC

YouTube Channel - Don Kendrick

I'm dedicating the next few posts to some of my social media friends. First up is Don. Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel. Don enjoys sharing his flights around Pennsylvania. I'm yet to find out if he is a Flyers or Penguins supporter though! I've enjoyed his photos and videos on Facebook over the last few months. 

You can also follow Don on Twitter by searching for his handle @donnie_k

Seattle Bound (Maybe!)

Due to fly to Boeing Field in Seattle tomorrow but this is now in doubt. 
KSEA 112323Z 1200/1306 31005KT P6SM SKC 
     FM120900 19004KT P6SM SKC 
     TEMPO 1214/1217 4SM BR OVC002 
     FM121700 18005KT P6SM SCT005 
     FM121900 30006KT P6SM SKC

My alternate was going to be KOLM. Due to lift at 11am local. I planned on arriving in the area from 10:30am. It's going to be a last minute decision on whether I get up there tomorrow.

KOLM 112323Z 1200/1224 34005KT P6SM SKC 
     FM120300 VRB03KT P6SM SKC 
     FM121300 19004KT 3SM BR OVC003 
     TEMPO 1214/1217 1/2SM FG VV002 
     FM121700 31005KT 4SM BR SCT006 
     FM121800 35006KT P6SM SKC

Sunday, September 8, 2013

100hr PiC

I was only planning on flying 0.7hrs today and leaving my 100hr PiC till next week, but the wx was beautiful today and I had to make the most of it!

Flew with my Dad for the first time (his second time in a GA aircraft). Short flight between Twin Oaks and KTMK which lies a few miles from the Pacific coast.

My first time requesting flight following with Portland DEP/APP. I was then handed off to Seattle CTR for the remainder of the short flight.

Short Final 7S3
Short Final KTMK Runway 31

Flight Planning

I've finally arrived in the 21st century in terms of my flight planning. Now using my daughter's Google Nexus 7 combined with the planning software from Garmin.

Flight Planning 21st Century Method!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Prop. Blur Update

My $7 fix for the GoPro prop. blur issue has arrived. Can't wait to get flying at the weekend to try it out! Stay tuned.


I spent the long labor day weekend in California. Four firsts for me! 

1. Flew on Alaska Airlines (737-400),
2. Flew in and out of LAX, 
3. Visited the Space Shuttle Endeavour and
4. Saw 16R at Van Nuys.

Right now, KLAX is my new fav. #avgeek airport. The flight from PDX was amazing. Flight time was 1hr59min. We flew the SADDE SIX arrival and then after SOM we joined a right base for a visual approach to runway 24R. Amazing views over the entire LA basin.

The flight back was more evenful. We were delayed an hour due a late change of aircraft. We flew back in 1hr41min thanks to a 50kt tailwind. The Captain (PF) flew a high speed decent and visual approach onto 28L at KPDX. This happened at night and was one of the coolest approaches I have had for a while. Overall, I was very impressed with Alaska Airlines. 

The ATC feeds on liveatc.net offer a mix of heavy and GA traffic. I haven't stopped listening to the LAX Final (North/South) feed since I arrived back in Oregon on Sunday evening. 

Both Phoenix and Portland have lacked a steady stream of heavy jets. At LAX, they arrived and departed throughout the whole day. I only wish I had a decent camera to capture some cool shots.

On Saturday afternoon I was surfing on Trip Advisor and discovered that the Space Shuttle Endeavour was in LA and open to the public. Spent a couple of hours touring the California ScienCenter where Endeavour was housed. I never managed to see the Shuttle fly but this almost made up for that!

My trip to Van Nuys was unplanned therefore I didn't research it very well. Couldn't find any decent places to take photos, but I can say I have seen 16R.


16R Van Nuys!