Tuesday, February 17, 2015

First Flight 2015

Had my first flight of 2015 a couple of weeks back. Flew with my old CFI out of Weston in Charlie Fox Yankee (C172). We filed a short VFR flight plan over the city of Dublin and onto Dun Laoghaire before returning to Weston. 

ATC cleared me out of the local zone and I then contacted DUB TWR on 118.6Mhz for the transition over the city. TWR requested we remain south of the river Liffey so that I did not interfere with the inbounds into runway 28 EIDW.

Logged 36 minutes in total. Short flight but still fun to get airborne for the first time in 2015.

Dublin, Ireland

River Liffey
Next flight will be my checkout flight at the new flying club I am in the process of joining. After that I will be enjoying some great flying adventures around Ireland!