Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another First

This new license is certainly giving me a lot of firsts. Today I flew into Deer Valley Airport for the first time during day light hours. Another great flight for which I logged another 1.4hrs PiC.

N54288 Short Final 07R KDVT

Saturday, July 28, 2012

San Francisco Bay Tour KRHV --> KSTS - Part 1

On Sunday 15th July I met up with three Twitter friends for the first time at KSTS (Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport).

Marc picked up a lovely C172SP from KHWD and picked me up at KRHV.

We then departed KRHV on our flight over to KSTS which is located north of the Bay Area. I acted as PiC with Marc taking care of the radio frequency changes.

Our route took us immediately through the Class Charlie airspace at San Jose International Airport. I have always enjoyed the radio work, but today I was working SJC Tower, NORCAL APP (3 freqs) in the first 15 minutes of the flight. Loved it!

I recorded the majority of the flight on my GoPro. The battery
died before I arrived at KSTS but I managed to capture the departure and transition through the charlie and bravo airspace.

The first video is the departure from KRHV and the transition through the Charlie airspace. 

Click link - GoPro YouTube video

N926ME C172SP
N926ME C172SP

Overhead KSJC 1500'

Friday, July 27, 2012

Flying in San Diego

On the 26th July I met a Facebook Friend for the first time. Ended up flying 1.1hrs with him out of Montgomery Field (KMYF).

I will summarise this flight and the others from CA in a blogpost soon.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

CA Update

CA has been amazing. Logged 1.3hrs PiC last week. Then came the chance of a second flight. Flew as a Safety Pilot for an IFR flight which meant I was able to log 3.0hrs SiC.

Added several airports to my visited listed. And I added the C172SP to aircraft flown!

Video's, audio and photo's to follow next week once I return from vacation.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

California Dreams.......................

In January 2010 I blogged about a business trip I had in California (

This weekend I am heading back there for the first time since then. I will be flying in California with a friend who I will be meeting for the first time via Twitter. Our plan is to depart KRHV and fly around the Bay area before heading to KHAF to meet some other Twitter Pilots. 

On my return from vacation (holiday to those Europeans out there!), I will be sure to post several photographs, video and audio from what I hope is an aviation packed vacation touring around California.

Tour de Phoenix

At the weekend I flew two tours of Phoenix. I captured some pretty cool video and audio with my GoPro.

On both flights, I departed CHD and headed through the class bravo airspace towards Scottsdale (SDL). Following a full stop/taxi back, I flew south towards Phoenix Gateway airport (IWA) where I had breakfast. 

In total, 3.6hrs PiC was added over the weekend.

When I return from vacation in two weeks time, I will be sure to upload the video to YouTube.



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let the adventures begin...........

Now that my kids have flown with me, I am going to be more adventurous starting this weekend with two flights with work colleagues. Stay tuned here for more ATC audio and GoPro video's.