Thursday, March 20, 2014

Twin Oaks - Runway 20

Here is the video from my flight last week. Great being airborne again. Loved the challenge of landing on runway 20 for the first time. Video quality is rather poor with the evening light fading but hopefully you get to see how much fun this approach was!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Back In The Saddle

First flight in 70 days went well. I chose to fly on a day with a crosswind! Flew to two airports that I had previously visited in Oregon. Wind from a different direction so landed in the opposite direction than on previous flights. Best part was returning to my home airport and landing 20 instead of 02. First time flying this approach. Loved the approach through the tree line. The attached photo doesn't do it justice. Preferred landing direction so that one can land uphill avoiding the trees on the 20 approach!
Happy with my performance today. Took my time with the pre-flight. Flight was fine. Landings were only okay. Key today was taking my time and working the checklists. Happy with my decision making. Didn't push outside my comfort zone and I had the confidence to tackle the 20 approach for the first time. Pitch and power down to the numbers. Wind was light after landing so I probably could have landed 02. Next aircraft behind me landed 02.
Flew with a student pilot who wanted to learn more about talking with Towered airports. He had a blast!

Going to start flying to new airports from next week. Have just over two months left in the US. #letsgoflying

Video to follow soon.

Short Final 20 7S3


One Day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boeing Factory Tours

Official @Boeing photos are now available. Hopefully I will blog about my visit to the Everett and Renton factories in the coming days.

#avgeek & 777-300ER

Admiring the 747-8
Photographs courtesy of @Boeing

Someone once told me...................

Someone once told me that I should get IFR rated before moving to Oregon. That has to be the understatement of the decade! Weather has been really poor since New Year which has resulted in me only flying once. Also had to renew my medical which I took care of last week.

Tried to fly at the weekend but a weather system came through from the pacific.

Fingers crossed I get to fly this week.

Refueling 40H Saturday