Friday, January 29, 2010

California Dreams......

At the end of Febuary I will be going to the US on business. Fingers crossed I will be hooking up with some relatives and hopefully flying over the Bay area @ SFO in their C172.

I will be flying out of Palo Alto................


  1. Welcome!! I live in San Francisco, and have just recently started pursuing flight training. Flying around San Francisco is a great experience, although I've only done it as a passenger, so far.

    One blog I read about NorCal GA flying is here:

    Well written blog although his posting has fallen off over the last year. It should whet your appetite, which I'm sure it doesn't need. haha.

    Unfortunately, looks like rain for the next week or so. I hope the weather clears when you're here or your family is IFR rated.


  2. Thanks for the info on the blog Dave. I checked it out. It's one to add to the list!

    I actually flew on the Sunday. Turned out weather was nice but there was some low level cloud out by half moon bay.

    Good luck with your flight training!