Saturday, March 6, 2010

Waiting ages for a bus

There is a saying in the U.K. "you wait ages for a bus then three come along". I had only once before seen an Airbus A380 from a distance prior to the 21st February.

When I recently departed for California on a business trip from the U.K. onboard Speedbird Two Eight Five (BAW285), I saw three A380's Airbuses depart Heathrow whilst we were taxing from Terminal 5 to runway 27L.

First I saw an Emirates A380 rotate and then as we approached the active runway, I caught sight of a Sinagpore followed by Qantas A380. The Qantas bus departed from interection N2E and we lined up behind via N1.

I managed to capture a video of the Qantas bus departing 27L ahead of our flight. Apologies, the video quality is not brilliant.

My flight to the US ended up with a foggy, damp landing on 19L at SFO.

Next up in the blog is my Bay trip report from my C172 flight out of Palo Alto.

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