Sunday, November 29, 2009

Aviation Law

My job takes me from the U.K. to Europe everyweek. Most weeks I fly from Newacstle International Airport (EGNT) to either Amsterdam (EHAM) or Brussels (EBBR). I get at least 3 hours per week to catch up with my favourite podcasts, Uncontrolled Airspace & Airspeed.

My time waiting in airports or on a flight can now be used to brush up on my ground school. I always dreaded reading about Aviation Law. But I must admit, after picking up my Trevor Thom Aviation Law book 1, I was plesently surprised how interesting the subject is.

Tonight on my RJ85 flight into EBBR, I learnt about some new simple rule of thumb's - Red to Red is Safe & Red to Green is Unsafe.

Only 170 pages left to read.....................

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