Friday, April 26, 2013

Last Flight KTUS

Flew into KTUS for probably the last time in 2013. If you have been following my blog over 12 months, then you will know how much fun I have had flying into the airport. Flying into KPHX was rewarding in terms of work load on the radio etc, however, flying into the class charlie KTUS airport has to be up there with the best. How many other airports can you be sharing a pattern with another C172 whilst an F-16 departs on the parallel runway with an American Airlines MD-80 on a 5 mile final to the same runway?

I'm going to miss you Tucson Airport!

F-16's KTUS

MD-80 11L KTUS

My First Crew Car!!

Serious Biz Jets @Atlantic FBO

Departing 11L KTUS (11'000' runway!)

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