Monday, May 6, 2013

First Oregon Flight

I have spent the last 12 months flying the same two aircraft from the same FBO. Today I took the plunge and got checked out in Oregon. Not sure why I was worried. Flew 1.2hrs in a C172D to two different airports. ASI was in MPH and knots. Simple conversion. Hardest part was figuring out there all the other traffic was. I don't know the landmarks well enough yet. I will be landings on runways less than 3000 ft long. Have been used to longer runways in Arizona. Time to focus on my short landing techniques! I performed five landings today. Slipped on three of them (20deg of flaps!) and performed one go around. The CFI was impressed that I chose to slip without being prompted. She was also impressed with my decision to go around. She wasn't impressed with me landing left of the center line though!!

It's going to be great learning to fly in a new state. God I love aviation.
Cub at Twin Oaks Airpark

Inside 08Y

08Y Pre Flight

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