Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Solo 2 - away from the airport

Today was my first solo flight away from CHD. Performed two touch and goes with my instructor before being released to the training area. What an amazing experience. 

I climbed to 3500' and performed some gentle turns. Wind picked up, so I headed back for a full stop landing. My instructor had requested two touch and goes, but I made the decision for a full stop landing rather than circuits (went from calm to 10kts at 60degrees off the nose).

DATE: 8th February 2012

AIRCRAFT: C172P N54288
ROUTE: CHD Circuits --> Solo Southern Training Area
DURATION: 0.5 DUAL / 0.6 hour Solo PiC
TOTAL TIME: 10.7 DUAL / 1.0 hour Solo PiC (+ 45.5 JAA)

Lesson Summary - Circuits followed by first solo away from the pattern.

Key Learnings - Again, again.

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