Monday, January 30, 2012

Lesson 9

DATE: 30th January 2012
AIRCRAFT: C172P N54288  
ROUTE: CHD -> {Southern Training Area} -> CHD
DURATION: 1.1 hour
TOTAL TIME: 8.4 hours (+ 45.5 JAA)

Lesson Summary - Departed 22R for the south training area. Ran through the required items for the stage 1 checkride. Back to the circuit for 2 touch and goes with simulated engine failure on the downwind.

Key Learnings - Judged the approach profile better on the simulated engine failures. Need to revise the emergency checklists. For a real life engine failure, will need to find a spot and stick with it. Quick thinking needed on determining the approach path. For the power off stalls, I was allowing the nose to drop too far. Need to focus on the climb out profile post the stall recovery (first notch of flap as soon as the VSI deflects).


  1. I need to think outside the box for emergency landings. On my stage check I was so focused on picking my typical landing spot and totally missed some good ones. That's why we are learning! :)

  2. In our training area there are many good places to land. That's part of the problem. Would be better with only one or two spots! They would be easier to find!! Yesterday I chose the 4 mile road. Even I could make that........