Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lesson 5

DATE: 18th January 2012
AIRCRAFT: C172P N54288 
ROUTE: CHD -> {Southern Training Area} -> CHD
DURATION: 1.0 hour
TOTAL TIME: 4.2 hours (+ 45.5 JAA)

Lesson Summary - Departed 22R. Climbed at V = 75/80/90kts.  Power on followed by power off stall. Slow flight involving slow turns and climbs. Then accelerated stalls in a 45deg bank.  Headed back to CHD for 4 touch and goes on 22L and a full stop. 

Key Learnings - More confident with the stalls and slow flight hence why I executed them better. The accelerated stalls really showed how docile the aircraft can be. 1 good, 3 ok and 2 poor landings. Need to focus on control inputs needed to achieve 80kts, 2250' on the downwind. Taught new method for transitioning into the decent once abeam the numbers.  Better awareness of the circuit status today (parallel runway and other traffic).

liveATC Audio -

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