Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lesson 8

DATE: 28th January 2012
ROUTE: Circuits at CHD
DURATION: 1.0 hour
TOTAL TIME: 7.3 hours (+ 45.5 JAA)

Lesson Summary - Wind 340/9kts. Circuits on 04L. Normal and glide approaches.

Key Learnings - 8 landings in the one hour. Good confidence builder with the 90deg cross wind. Screwed up a few radio calls but it didn't take away from flying the aircraft at all times. Good experience learning about the longer crosswind leg and  shorter base due to the wind direction and strength. Put the flaps in too early on one of the glide approaches which would have meant not making the runway in real life. With the stronger wind, was able to correct for speed and altitude at various points in the circuit.

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