Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lesson 4

DATE: 17th January 2012
AIRCRAFT: C172P N54288 
ROUTE: CHD -> {Southern Training Area} -> CHD
DURATION: 1.0 hour
TOTAL TIME: 3.2 hours (+ 40.0 JAA)

Lesson Summary - Departed 22R. Power off and on stall. Steep turns. Simulated Emergency Landings. Banked stall. Touch and Go. More confident with the stalls today. Wind was calm but shifted direction a couple of times. 

Key Learning - Pay attention to departure headings. Fly runway heading means runway heading. Do not allow the wind to cause the aircraft to drift towards the center line of the other runway. Both approaches high. This was a common problem in Ireland. Need to sort out in the next lesson.

liveATC Audio - http://tinyurl.com/7o9r7cu

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