Monday, December 19, 2011

Cockpit Audio

Thanks to the internet, I have been able to research different audio set-ups. Check out @rfelty and his YouTube setup

I have selected a digital audio recorder from Sony. The Sony icd ux512 retails at $99.99 but is available from Amazon for $75. 

The cabling set-up is so simple and discrete. I can plug in my headset to a patch lead from Barnstormer Audio. It comes with three connections. One end connects to my David Clark headset. The other end connects to the regular audio socket in a C172. I then connect spliced end of the patch lead directly into my audio recorder. It's that simple!

Next I need to focus on the video. I have an idea to use a small HD camera, but I am first going to get the audio nailed. There is no point having video with no audio. Also, I don't want the audio and video to distract from the task at hand. Let's take our time.

All going well, I will be recording my first cockpit audio in about two weeks time. In the mean time, I will continue to watch and admire Rick's YouTube channel.


  1. "Also, I don't want the audio and video to distract from the task at hand. Let's take our time."

    I could not agree more with that statement. You have the right attitude.

    I finished up my PP-ASEL earlier this year. I recorded intercom audio using the exact same cable and a similar digital recorder (Sony ICD-UX200). That system worked well, and there were a few times that I used it to review radio calls after the flight. It took zero time to set up and I didn't think about it afterward.

    I had intended to record video of my solo cross-country flights and even bought a Panasonic HD camera and mounts for that purpose. Ultimately, I decided that setting up, turning on, and just thinking about a camera created a subtle distraction that I didn't need during my early solo flights. This camera is much bulkier than a Go Pro, and the like, so your mileage may vary.

    After I got my certificate, I took some in-cockpit video and shared it with family and friends. Even heavily edited and speeded up, it bored them to tears :-)

    Best of luck with your training.

  2. Hi Paul, thanks for taking the time to reply. I hope people will find my short podcasts interesting in 2012. I am concious to make them interesting and not boring!