Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alien committing a crime?

Being a non permanent US citizen working in the United States , I am classified as an Alien. If that wasn't bad enough, I have to visit the Chandler Police Department next week to give my fingerprints. Don't worry, I am in the country legally and I have not committed a crime. This is all part of getting clearance to commence flight training since this that terrible September day back in 2002.

This should be the final step in getting TSA clearance. I am on track to commence my flight training in January out of KCHD in Chandler, Arizona.

I need to start thinking about my training schedule. After talking with the family, we feel that flying two evenings after work and once on a weekend should be manageable. I am targeting finishing my training by March which will allow me time to build my confidence for the remainder of the year before tackling that elusive IFR ticket in early 2013.

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