Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pima Air & Space Museum

This was our third weekend in Phoenix. I was keen to continue the aviation theme as with previous weekends. I took the family down to Tucson for the day. The ladies went shopping. The boys went aircraft hunting. Everyone was happy!

As far as museums go, Pima Air and Space Museum has to be the best I have ever visited. Such a wide range of Cold War and Military Aircraft. I only had four hours there. I really have to go back next year. Very impressed with the restored B-36 that last flew in 1959.

PhotobucketIn addition to over 250 static objects, there are two busy airports near by. Tucson International Airport and Davis Monthan AFB. The Arizona National Guard are based at Tucson International. Was pretty cool to see several F16's lined up on west apron.

When I do go back, I have to visit one of the aircraft boneyards in the area.

All in all, just another great aviation experience in Arizona.

Overall, this has be be one of my fav. photo's from the day.


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