Monday, October 7, 2013

100hr PiC Video

A few weeks back I was inspired by some pretty cool GA videos. Decided to make my own montage showing the amazing journey I have been on over the last 15 months since passing my FAA checkride. Couldn't fit all the fun into one video so I have condensed it down to the best parts.

Thanks to everyone that either inspired or flown with me. It's been an amazing journey and I'm looking forward to sharing the next 100 hours with my flying friends.


  1. Thanks Steve. BTW, I'm taking 734KU up for the first time on Saturday.

  2. 734KU is my favorite, and spent 1.4 in her yesterday. Hope you had a great flight!

    1. Man, I loved KU. Have her booked again this weekend for a short flight. Love the extra HP. Nice panel too. Oh, and that GPS is just brill!