Thursday, October 10, 2013


It's a little too early to think about 2014, but I need to if I want to continue flying.

I spoke to my old FBO and the Irish Aviation Authority. They both confirmed that as it stands today, I can go home to Ireland and rent a C172 (albeit a little more expensive!) using my FAA license. I told the IAA that I would check back with them in early 2014 to see if anything has changed. Right now, the new European governing body (EASA) is cracking down on people learning to fly in the US and coming back to get airline jobs. I'm under no illusion that GA is safe. Right now, Ireland may have 12 months remaining before I need to convert. It could be pushed out further or pulled in.

I will check in with the IAA in January. Then I will make a decision if I need to travel within the US to get my license converted to EASA. If I don't need too, then I will be get my BFR and medical in June 2014 and I will be good to fly in Ireland!

Isn't that great news? I just need the income of a sports star to fund the flying and landing fees. I will worry about that in 2014 :)

In the mean time, I have about 9-10 months left in the US.

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