Sunday, October 6, 2013

First Flight Washington State

Had my first trip across a state border yesterday. Hoquiam Boverman lies on the pacific northwest coast line a few miles west of Seattle. I was playing around on flight sim a few nights ago and flew there, so I chose it as our destination. I'm starting to be more adventurous with my destinations.

Weather has been really poor here in Oregon over the last few days, however we've had a couple of days of sunshine through the weekend. The skies were extremely busy yesterday with pilots taking advantage of the nice weather.

We departed Twin Oaks at 3:40pm local time expecting to fly for just over an hour each way (ended up back at Twin Oaks at 6pm). 

After transitioning through HIO's class delta, I contacted PDX DEP on 118.1 and picked up VFR flight following. Ended up getting passed onto two SEA CTR frequencies on the 107nm leg.

Great flight to practice VOR's with three different ones to tune into (UBG, HQM and AST).

Winds were light at HQM but favoring runway 24. Joined the pattern on the 45 for a left hand pattern to 24. The approach was very spectacular. I swear the engine sound changed as we flew over the water :)

Full stop taxi back and we were on our way again. Flew down the coastline to AST before routing direct to 7S3.

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