Sunday, December 30, 2012


At the start of 2012 I had no idea how exciting the year would be. I came over from Ireland with 45 hours JAA instruction which were spread over 11 years. 

Flight training was really good. I was lucky to find a great school with an excellent CFI.  However, I failed to prep for the new PTS which was released in June. As a result, I failed my checkride on the emergency procedures. A week later, I went back and nailed the flight.

Since then, I have never looked back. I have relished every 0.1hr in the sky to learn and improve my ATC and piloting skills.

Although there are many good memories, there are four highlights for 2012;

1 - Class Bravo Transition Through SFO
Within two weeks of passing my checkride, I found myself in the left seat of a C172SP transitioning the class bravo airspace over SFO. Talk about having to nail those RT's with ATC. GoPro Video

2 - #AOPA12
I really wanted to fly to KPSP, but it wasn't to be cost effective. I elected to drive. Really enjoyed meeting people from Twitter. Very much enjoyed having an article written about me. #AOPA12 Article

3 - KLUF Civil Fly In
Things like this don't happen to a low hour Pilot from England. Spending two days at Luke Air Force Base was simply the best thing I have done in the US so far. It was great being able to spend two days with them. Even better they allowed me to fly in there in a rented C172. GoPro Video

4 - Flying With Others
Since passing my checkride, I have not flown with an empty right seat. I have flown with over a dozen different people in the right seat. This has been very rewarding.

54hrs PiC
100.4hrs Total

145.9hrs - Total (including JAA + FAA)

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