Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I am having a short break from flying whilst I save my $$$ for some serious flying in February and March. I have flown three times in 2013. The first flight of the year was actually a right seat non PiC flight with a fellow pilot here in Phoenix. We were due to fly to KPHX for lunch at Cutter Aviation, however when we called up CUTTER RAMP OPS overhead FIREBIRD LAKE VRP, they informed us that lunch had been cancelled.

My second flight was flying from KTUS->KCHD->KTUS as a Safety Pilot in the right seat for another Pilot performing his instrument training.

I have also attended a couple of seminars. One was the Chart Challenge by AOPA. The other was a FAA Safety Seminar relating to KIWA airspace here in Phoenix. I recommend you attend your local seminars. The Safety Seminar was a great reminder how not to take flying for granted.

I'm enjoying the short break. Things will pick up again in early February. Stay tuned............................

PA-28 @CHD

Departing CHD

Overhead Firebird Lake

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