Saturday, September 3, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes & Social Media

With 3 years away from flying, the world has become a smaller place. Since starting to fly again in August, there is a large amount of information out there to aid student pilots. One resource is Twitter. I am now tweeting updates on each flight to my followers (I call them fans!). I am finding that people are very helpful with providing inspiration to continue and advice when needed. 

I lost a lot of confidence during my latest lesson where I could not judge a 40degree 10kt crosswind. People like @askcaptainjon and @JamesDCessna152 are providing instant feedback on what I should be thinking about. One comment was made that I should not get back in an aircraft until I understand the following. Thinking about what the Tweeters were writing to me helped me understand the issue.

Speaking of the issue - On Tuesday, I nailed the 6 T&G's. Felt I was getting closer to solo. On Thursday I screwed the whole thing up. What a difference a day makes. I now understand what went wrong and I need to work on ensuring it doesn't happen again.

Thanks to those who are tweeting me. For me, it's an additional briefing/de-briefing session.

Now focusing on getting these landings sorted and solo before moving to Arizona in October.

Next up is my English Proficiency test.

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