Saturday, September 3, 2011

English Test

Where possible I am practising all my radio calls ready for my English Proficiency Test next week.

The radio doesn't scare me. Just need to remember to write everything down that ATC asks me to do. I am always anticipating what the Controller might ask me. When I flew out of Newcastle (EGNT) last year in a PA28, I came unprepared to fly out of such a big airport. No pen, no paper etc. Lesson learnt!

Here is a link to a recent flight where I had to call into the Dublin Controller who was handling several inbounds into Dublin. I know it's not perfect. Didn't mention VFR once. But with the help of websites like, I am improving.

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  1. Practice makes perfect. And listening to LiveATC a lot really does help, I used it quite a lot getting my PPL on this side of the ocean.