Saturday, August 24, 2013

Solo Cross Country

I titled this entry "Solo Cross Country" for a reason. Flying a new aircraft (M model) in a new area (Oregon) is like learning to fly all over again. It's about having the confidence in my ability to explore my new surroundings by air. 

With each flight I am getting a little more adventurous and am flying further afield. This is all good preparation for my flight to Boeing Field (KBFI) which I intend to fly in the next two to three weeks.

One of the challenges flying in Oregon has been the conversion from KTS to MPH on the IAS. Sounds simple right? It has taken me a couple of flights to nail those approach speeds. I am basically adding 10 to the IAS. Where before I would have been 75,70,65 on approach, I am now 85,80,75. 

Really inspired my daughter with this flight. She hasn't stopped talking about it. Can't wait to take her flying again soon!Check out the #GulfstreamGirl photo I took during the flight.

Future #GulfstreamGirl


  1. Great blog! Makes me think I should update my long neglected blog.

    I fly out of of Twin Oaks as well, and did all my training there in 40H and 4KU. Everything a country airport should be, and the Starks are great!

    Nice that your daughter is involved! My daughter (11 years old) flys with me often, and is good company for any aviation event.

  2. Thanks for the comments Steve. I am so happy with Twin Oaks. It's so different to my training base in Arizona but I am loving ever minute. 40H is working out just great for me, but I need to start being more adventurous and travelling further afield!

    Looking forward to seeing an updated blog from you soon!