Sunday, August 11, 2013

Always a Student

Continuing to learn valuable lessons in my short time as a Private Pilot. Today it was about proficiency and not taking too long away from flying!

Back in the saddle today. Wx improved to BKN024 but decided to remain in the pattern. 5 landings. That's 1.5hrs in the last 7 weeks and it showed. Allowed my speed to get too slow over the runway, as a result I didn't have sufficient elevator authority in the flare. This resulted in hard landings! For one landing, I had to take my hands away from the throttle to pull back harder on the elevator. I really don't like doing that in case I need to go around. 

The aircraft i'm flying is in MPH (95% of my hours are in aircraft with kts). Need to make sure I nail the approach speeds speeds (75/70/65/60kts = 86/80/74/69mph). Or other words, add 10.

Flying again within the next week.

N5440H Full Elevator Deflection!

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