Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pacific West Coast

Navigating Pacific Coast
 After 3 weeks away from   flying, I flew 2.2hrs today. Flew from my new home airport which is Starks Twin Oaks (7S3). Although being cleared to fly by the local FBO, I decided to take an independent CFI with me on a familiarization flight.

We flew out to the pacific west coast where we tried to land at KTMK and KAST. Had to call the approach off at KTMK 2nm on final due to a wind at 28021G30 on rwy 31! KAST wasn't much better. I performed a go around at 10' on rwy 31 due poor correction on my part in a crosswind. We proceeded back to 7S3 via KHIO delta airspace. 

Overall I was happy with the majority of the flight. With a 3 week break, I was already a little bit rusty.

Twin Oaks Airpark

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