Friday, June 7, 2013

Mastering Clearance Delivery

The majority of my 95hrs PiC time has been flying in and out of delta airspace. Most Private Pilots want to land at the airports with the big airliners and/or military traffic. This normally involves visiting either a class charlie or bravo airport. In Phoenix, I had two choices with KTUS and KPHX being on my door step. One difference between charlie/bravo vs delta is the requirement to make an initial call to a clearance delivery frequency. 
KCHD and KIWA Class D  (under KPHX class B)
Looking back, I realize that I made hard work of those initial radio calls. Most initial calls to ATC should involve (a) who you are, (b) where you are and (c) where you want to go. The clearance delivery call should not be that different. My issue has been failing to get  all the information into the initial ATC call.

As you will see from the following charlie example (KTUS ), the controller had to come back to me more than once requesting information. I should have been able to give them all the information at once. In this case it was the (a) aircraft type SKYHAWK, (b) my location and (c) I needed flight following. 

As I gained more hours in the air away from the delta airspace of CHD, my calls started to improve. Here's another example but this time from a class bravo airport (KPHX). Almost perfect but I failed to say "Phoenix Clearance Delivery". I only said "Clearance Delivery". I'm a perfectionist! (let's not mention the part about Chandler!)

In Austin, I finally nailed the call to ATC on two occasions. However I didn't record it, therefore you will just have to believe me!

Welcome from Cutter Aviation at KPHX

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