Tuesday, December 2, 2014

737 NG Simulator

Logged 0.75 hours in a non-motion 737 NG which is located at my local airport here in Ireland.

EIDW ILS Approach Runway 28
Spent the time flying approaches and touch'n goes into Dublin Airport. Departed on the LIFFY 5A SID and then joined the ILS at about 10-15nm near LAPMO. 

For the last two approaches, I asked for 1/2SM visibility and proceeded to hand fly the aircraft down to minimums. Great fun.

Aircraft felt a little over sensitive to pitch control changes but I've never flown a real 737 so I have nothing to compare it to! 

Have another sim session booked. before the end of the year. Planning to fly a short hop between Dublin and Liverpool which should take about 30 minutes.

Inside 737 NG

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