Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In the Pattern Podcast

Big shout out to the team over at +In The Pattern Podcast for having me on their show. Having the opportunity to share my story sums up how powerful social media is in terms of building an aviation community.

Three years ago, these guys were just "voices in my head". Thanks to social media, I've met them at Oshkosh and flown with one of them. As we both lived in Arizona, I wish had met Chris a few months earlier but we did manage to fly twice before I left the US. 

The four Private Pilots all have similar experiences and hours build since passing their checkrides. Their podcast started back when they were Student Pilots. If you have not been listening, now would be a good time to look them up on iTunes or whatever software you use to listen to aviation podcasts.

Thanks Chris, John, Brad and Mark!

Link to audio -

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