Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jumper Away.................

I always enjoy flying to Eloy (E60). It's small non towered airport located approx 30nm south east of my home base. It's a very busy airport for parachute jumping. I believe there are two or three different schools offering jumps.

On Saturday I flew down there for another $100 hamburger flight with a good friend from work. As with most flights, I wasn't disappointed with what was taxing around on the ramp.

Arizona SkyDive Twin Otter

Shorts Aircraft (haven't see one of these for years!)

The Mighty DC3 <3 td="td">

Twin Otter Departing 02 E60
On the way back, I dropped by KIWA for a touch and go. ATC always provides a great service there. 1.3hrs added to my total time.

Short Final 30L KIWA

Departing KIWA

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