Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mountain Flying

This week I had my third (second day time) cross country flight. This particular school incorporates mountain flying into the syllabus. I flew from KCHD to Prescott Airport (KPRC) north of Phoenix and then onto beautiful Sedona (KSEZ). Had breakfast in Sedona before returning back to KCHD.

There is a mountain ridge north of Phoenix. This flight basically took us either side of this mountain at a height of 8500'MSL northbound and 7500'MSL southbound. Flying higher would have been an option, but the winds aloft were relatively light.

The flight incorporated training from my previous two flights, i.e. flight planning; opening a flight plan; class bravo transition; flight following and landing at other airports. 

Both Prescott and Sedona lie at elevations at approx. 5000' above MSL. I therefore had my first introduction to arriving/departing at an airport with an altitude >3000' MSL. This meant leaning procedures. We departed Sedona with a density altitude of 6600' which resulted in a loonnngggggg takeoff run.

Here is a sample of the cockpit audio on the first leg to KPRC.
KCHD --> KPRC Sample Audio

My instructor had time to take a few photographs for me as we headed northbound and then southbound.


  1. Nice overview, gives me a preview of what I'm in for. ;)

  2. Once you get through the class bravo it's a nice relaxing flight. Watch out for the longer takeoff run due to density altitude. Dens. alt. was 6600 at Sedona. Enjoy the breakfast. Our CFI buys!