Monday, November 28, 2011

Next Up - TSA Clearance

Good news from the Flying School. They say I can complete my flight training on my current VISA. I was worried that I required a M1 which would have delayed my training ($ impact too). Additional good news, they also confirmed my JAA hours count towards my FAA ticket.

Next I need to get TSA clearance and a medical complete. Plan to drop into the flying school one evening this week to start the process.

In the mean time, I am studying the local sectional to get an idea of how airspace is structured. I love the website. I prefer the paper sections spread out on the table, but the @skyvector website is a great alternative.

I am also carrying my handheld scanner with me in the car so that I can learn the different between FAA and JAA  terminology. I am a little worried about the radio's over here, but I have flown enough hours to know I should just fly and be confident in my ability.

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